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What questions should you ask when buying soccer tips?

Thereis a reason for everything and things that have no reason look unreliable. When you are offered a tip for a soccer match, you want to rely on it because you are told that predicting outcome of football matches is a secret that tipster never disclose.But in reality you are kept in dark. Tipsters take advantage of your ignorance about football betting to make quick money.

Here I’m discussing some questions you should try answering before making an opinion on a tipster

Q1: How the tipster will make tips?

If the tipper is claiming to get inside information about the match on which you are betting then you are being fooled by the tipper. There is no source that can leak inside information to tipster.

If the tipster claims rich experience in football and comprehensive knowledge on teams and players and also says that he is able to use his intelligence in breaking the odds, you should rely on his knowledge and experience.

Q2: What is the experience of the tipster and what is his strike rate?

Experience of a tipster would reflect on his site design, presentation and the matches covered for tips. You can check the domain name of the site and if the domain is new, you can check professional portfolio of the tipster to determine whether he is capable of providing reliable soccer tips.

Strike rate isan important factor to consider in football betting tips business. It shows probability of a tipster of providing winning tips. High score rate means more chances but a strike rate of over 90% creates doubts as it isn’t possible for any tipster, however experienced he is, to be true every time.

Q3: Is the tipster trying to sell the idea of match fixing?

You want to win bets and you are eager to see you in the winning team. You are offered a winning formula that is to get involved in match fixing. The tipster will convince you that he has secret information regarding a fixed match and that he is ready to sell that tip for a small price.

Q4: Are tips provided at an unbelievable price?


Tipster is a service and it isn’t cheap but some tipsters provide tips at a dirt cheap price. Some tipster sites go to the extent of providing tips for free. When you are ready to buy tips then you shouldn’t look for discount or free service.


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