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Sure wins soccer matches

Let’s talk match fixing and is impact on soccer bets. It is well-known that betting syndicates influence matches by offering profit to players and team officials but it is difficult to prove that a certain match is fixed. In my opinion, the bettors shouldn’t believe on match fixing as it will shake their confidence on the game.


Disadvantages of believing on match fixing

1# You will look for the matches that are fixed and then try buying tips for those matches. Since you know that the games are fixed and that the information about their results is reliable, you will bet on those matches. In the long run, it will reduce your betting options as you will bet only on fixed matches.

2# Fixed match tips are always expensive as the winning is guaranteed. Since the matches are fixed, there is no reason to doubt on the tips. You will pay the sum charged for fixed match tips and lose your money, if the tips fail to materialize.

3# Betting on fixed matches is a one-way game hence boring. It is more like a business than entertainment. You are assured of a certain payout and you know that you will win because the match is fixed. If you are betting for enjoyment then sure wins soccer matches aren’t for you.

4#If you bet on fixed matches, you promote match fixing that is not only illegal but also detrimental to the sport. Soccer is a popular sport with millions of fans scattered across the globe. If you support match fixing, it will provide bookies an excuse to fix matches.

5# If you buy fixed match tips, you risk your money as these tips often fail to materialize. In reality, selling fixed match tips is a big business for tippers. They attract tippers with the promise of providing tips for fixed matches.

Let’s see how tipsters sell fixed match tips

Bettors are divided into three categories. The first category bettors get tip for home team; second category bettors get tip for away team and third category punters get tip for draw. Only one category of bettors wins and they become loyal customers of tipsters.

Tippers target loyal bettors with more offers for fixed match betting but they also increase the betting price. Unaware about the modus operandi, loyal bettors keep investing in fixed match tips. Every time tow-third bettors go out but the remaining one-third punters remain loyal to tipsters.