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What should you look into a soccer tipster website?

Today football betting enthusiasts spend more time on locating reliable tipsters than on finding easy-to-crack bets. Today’s bettors are more investors than players as they want to get maximum return on their investment and the best way to get highest ROI on bets is to win bets.

Here we’ll try finding a reliable tipster using some filters

1# Experience

It is the biggest factor to consider as it experience determines reliability. High experience would mean high reliability as it shows that the person is in the same field for long time. But in soccer tipster service, you need looking beyond experience. But you can start with experience. Consider tipsters with minimum three year experience.

2# Strike rate

Just like soccer players have a strike rate tipsters also have their winning rate. The rate shows their chances of winning bets. A tipper with above 50% strike rate is good and one with above 70% is simple the best but one thing you should keep in mind is that there is no tipster with 100% strike rate.

3# Price

It is the third biggest factor in soccer tipster service. Price comes in third step because the first two steps are more important. If you are offered winning tips with guarantee of success, you shouldn’t have any hesitation in paying for the tips. The most reliable soccer prediction site would give guarantee of success.

4# Success guaranteed

You buy tips with success guaranteed but you should know what kind of guarantee the tipster is offering. It should be replacement tips for every failed tip but it can’t be money back guarantee. It is learnt that some tipsters are offering money back guarantee but they’re unable to fulfill their promise.

These are the four important factors you need considering before making an opinion on a tipster. Also you need some education on tipster service. You should know how tips are made and how tippers are certain of their win. Also you need knowing about match fixing. Some media reports say that bookies try fixing matches in connivance with players. But these reports are never substantiated.


Are matches fixed?

Bookies would certainly want to fix matches, if they’re provided an opportunity but fixing a football match doesn’t seem possible as there are many stakeholders and bribing all the stakeholders. But you should stay away from this illegal activity. You should play fair game by remaining honest towards the game.


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