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What are your important concerns with soccer tipsters?

You are betting on an important football match and you are quite excited about this bet. How would you make sure that you win the bet? You have the name of contesting teams and you can get other information like weather and home ground situation from the web. But you are afraid of winning bet without tip. Would you buy tip for the match?


Factors that are discouraging you from buying tips

1# Tipsters fabricate winning percentage

Strike rate is an important factor in choosing right tipster but tippers can optimize their winning percentage to look reliable and get business. You want to choose right tipper that has highest winning percentage but having so many tipster sites with impressive strike rates could be confusing. You should consider winning rate in combination with other factors.

2# Tipper could forge results to show experience

It is difficult to believe that a tipper with less than 5 year experience could claim 100% success. Even a tipster with 10 year experience can’t have 100% strike rate. You can check past results of tipsters to verify their work experience but the confusing results could be misleading. You fear that you could choose a wrong tipster.

3# Tips could be too expensive to buy

Sure prediction for tomorrow match could come with a high price tag that you can’t afford. You can buy the tip but you will lose your investment, if the tip doesn’t materialize. The tipster would offer replacement tip but that would be for another match. You fear losing your investment but you have to take the risk of buying tip.

4# Tipster promote match fixing

It is discouraging to know that matches are fixed to achieve desired results. You are betting on an important match but you come to know that the match is fixed. What would you do at this point? Would you believe on match fixing? If yes then would you buy fixed match tip. If you believe on fixed match tip, it could be a bigger mistake than trying breaking the odd on your own.

Should I rely on tipsters?

You want to bet on an important match and you want to do betting with the help of a tipster. You are right but you should take care when looking for tipsters. If you keep the above mentioned factors in mind, you can easily find a reliable soccer tipster.