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How you can filter fraud tipsters?

Soccer betting with fake tips is suicidal hence you need to be very careful when choosing your tipster. Guaranteed winning, discount on advance booking and bulk tips at reduced price are some of the marketing techniques tipsters use attract punters. It is true that tips win bets but only real tips.

Signs of fraud tipsters

1# Inside information

Instead of using scientific formula, frauds claim to have inside information on football odds from betting syndicates. They highlight their association with bookies and try taking unwanted advantage of their association. They try saying that either bookies share secret info with them or they have insiders that eavesdrop on betting syndicates to get information.

2# 100% strike rate

Strike rate of a tipster shows his strength that is his chances of breaking an odd. The winning percentage is measured on a scale of 0-100 and above 50% is considered good. A tipster can achieve around 80% strike rate but it is next to impossible to touch 100% success in breaking odds. Tipsters claiming 100% are frauds.

3# Discounted tips

Some tipster sites give lucrative discount on advance booking. If you are planning to bet on upcoming football tournament, you can book your tips in advance and save some money. The offer looks interesting but a sure soccer prediction site would never make such offers. Every tip carries a price tag and tipsters never give discount or offer tips on trial. You buy tips at the price determined by tipster.

4# Free tips

It is unbelievable but true that some tipster sites offer free tips and also they claim to provide winning tips for all matches including the high-profile FIFA World Cup matches. It is difficult to believe that free tips for every match are available but there are sites that give tips for free. These sites are frauds.

5# Fixed match tips

Some tipsters spread rumors regarding match fixing. They claim to have crucial information about fixed matches. They want to say that some matches are fixed and that they have concrete information about those games. But reality is that there is nothing like match fixing. You should click back from the sites that promote match fixing.



There seems to be more frauds then genuine tipsters but it doesn’t mean that you should doubt on every tipper. If you keep important factors in mind, you can easily find a reliable tipster.